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About Editora Vida Cristã

How we started
Editora Vida Cristã (Christian Life Publishing Co.) was founded in 1977 by Dr. Alaor Leite. It rapidly grew and became one of the most important Christian publishers in Brazil during the 1980s. When its largest distributor filed for bankruptcy, Vida Cristã retracted but managed to survive one of the biggest crises the Brazilian economy had ever gone through.

In 1997, Sidney Leite, the son of Dr. Leite, became Vida Cristã´s CEO. Vida Cristã started a new period of growth and has been accumulating awards and citations ever since, including two finalists in the Jabuti Award, the most prestigious literary award in Brazil.

In recent years, Vida Cristã was awarded the ABEC (Brazilian Association of Christian Publishers) Prize in many categories, including: "Best Christian Living Book", "Best Evangelism Book", "Best Foreign Author Currently Residing in Brazil", "Best New Author", "Best Cover".

Our mission
Editora Vida Cristã is a non-denominational privately-owned Christian company. Vida Cristã exists to spread the Good News of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, through quality literature.

Editora Vida Cristã is affiliated with the Brazilian Book Chamber ( and ABEC - Brazilian Association of Christian Publishers ( Vida Cristã is one of the co-founders of ABEC.

Global partners
Editora Vida Cristã maintains good business relationships with many world entities and publishers, among which are: W Publishing, Tyndale House Publishers, Baker Bookhouse, ACU Press, College Press, W.B.Eerdmans, Multnomah Publishers. If you´d like to know more about us or learn how to become one of our global partners, send a message to

Editora Vida Cristã: An award-winning publisher in one of the world´s largest economies.